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Concept of Social Responsibility

Luoxin Pharmaceutical has been enthusiastic about public welfare cause since startup. It is the founding member of Charity Federation of Luozhuang district. Over the past years, Luoxin takes active part in various donation activities including “Help the Poor”, “Donation Day”, “Raise Donation for Indian Ocean Tsunami”, “Donation for Wenchuan Earthquake-stricken Area” and “Help the Poor, Support the Armymen and Their Family Members”.

In response to the call of Red Cross, Luoxin participates in such activities as setting the elderly and homeless children, disaster relief and medical assistance, financial aid for education, and has donated to the construction of schools and senile apartments for many times.

The streams of small loves converge into a lake of great love. Luoxin practiced the value of “rewarding society” with actions to contribute its share to the fulfillment of “Chinese Dream”. In future, Luoxin Group will continue to improving charity and public service undertakings, publicizing charity culture and carrying forward the charity spirit, so as to inject more positive energy into public welfare cause at the meantime of developing the enterprise.