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Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Company profile

 Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shandong, a pharmaceutical enterprise established in strict accordance with modern enterprise system and national good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements, has developed into a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating drug research and development, manufacturing, trading with medical treatment and health services.

The company which has continuously ranked among top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and top 10 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises of the greatest growth capacity since 2006 and has been rated as“the best industrial enterprise of Chinese pharmaceutical research and development product line” by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology since 2011 is a national key high-tech enterprise, national technological innovation model enterprise, national enterprise honoring contracts and standing reputation and national industrial model enterprise of comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform (Shandong).


Luoxin Group adhering to the strategic concept of “enterprise development through science and technology” sets a scientific research center in Shanghai Spreading River High Technology Park and organizes a scientific research team made up of domestic and overseas high-end scientific and technological talents, which assumes the development of high-tech projects and cultivation of high-tech talents with the help of various superior resources in Spreading River High Technology Park. It forms a triune scientific research system with the headquarter and strongly promotes the development of new drugs. The company is equipped with national-recognized enterprise technology center, national and local engineering laboratory, national postdoctoral workstation, posts for “Mount Tai scholars -- distinguished pharmaceutical experts”, Shandong enterprise academician workstation, Shandong pharmaceutical engineering and technological research center for freeze-dried powder injection, Shandong pharmaceutical engineering laboratory for freeze-dried powder injection and Shandong pharmaceutical key laboratory for freeze-dried powder injection. Luoxin pharmaceutical postdoctoral mobile workstation, teaching and training bases, practice bases and employment bases for graduates established by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University form a solid national scientific research and technology center, giving new energy to the rapid development of the company. One product technology won the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

  • · 18 products produced by the company are included into national major scientific and technological special projects of “Major New Medicine Development”
  • · 4 products are included into “National New Products Program”
  • · 12 products are included into “National Torch Plan”
  • · 144 products are included into Shandong Torch Plan, Shandong Scientific and Technological Development Plan, Shandong Technological Innovation Project. Many products won “Science and Technology Progress Award”
  • ·200 products won Chinese patent for invention. 20 years of patent protection.

By far, the company has built three bases for manufacturing and has more than 50 production lines of powder injections, freeze-dried powder injections, solid preparations (containing cephalosporins), sprays, aerosols, prefilled syringes, large volume injections, small volume injections, chemical crude drugs and cephalosporins crude drugs, a dozen of dosage forms and over 300 product launching markets, including 48 national new drugs. The company can annually produce 1 billion powder injections, 500 million freeze-dried powder injections, 400 million bottles (bags) of large volume injections, 500 million small volume injections,7 billion tablets, 2 billion capsules, 300 million granules, 80 million dry suspensions, 300 tons of pellets, 1000 tons of crude drugs, 30 million aerosols, 100 million sprays and 100 million prefilled syringes.

  • powder injections
  • freeze-dried powder injections
  • solid preparations (containing cephalosporins)
  • sprays
  • aerosols
  • prefilled syringes
  • large volume injections
  • small volume injections
  • chemical crude drugs
  • cephalosporins crude drugs
  • annually produce 1 billion powder injections
  • 500 million freeze-dried powder injections
  • 400 million bottles (bags) of large volume injections
  • 7 billion tablets
  • 500 million small volume injections
  • 2 billion capsules
  • 300 million granules
  • 80 million dry suspensions
national new drugs
300 over
product launching markets

The company actively carries out scientific and technological creation of product brands, increases the reputation of the company with brand-name products and drives product marketing strategies with enterprise recognition, which lay a solid aftereffect and basis for the development of the company. In order to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, the company increases science and technology input and is speeding up the implementation of over 30 scientific research projects and over 20 clinical verification projects at present, including many first-class new drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights before and during clinical implementation.

In order to accelerate the development, the company is fully driving “three promotions” through the implementation of “six breakthroughs”.

Six breakthroughs:

Six breakthroughs are embodied in all products achieving consistency evaluation, marketing system, large-scale raw material sales, the improvement of team skills, financing platform and internationalized management.

Three promotions :
  • 1、Three promotions firstly include value promotion (LuoXin’s value reflects in “reward employees, return clients, repay shareholders, retribute to the society and reinforce the enterprise”.

    • ① Reward employees: provide greater development space and rewards for employees.
    • ② Return clients: create the greatest value space for clients.
    • ③ Repay shareholders: create maximum return on investment for shareholders as the company becomes stronger and larger.
    • ④ Retribute to the society: pay more taxes for the state, actively participate in social weakness supporting and poor relief, provide employment opportunities as well as more high-tech drugs for the treatment and recovery of the vast patients.
    • ⑤ Reinforce the enterprise: LuoXin will be better, bigger and stronger.)
  • 2、secondly brand promotion (enterprise goodwill, product brand and the quality of staffs will be further promoted);
  • 3、thirdly promotion in scale benefit and social benefit.

Luoxin Group adheres to integrity, the guiding thought of exploration and innovation and values of “reward employees, return clients, repay shareholders, retribute to the society and reinforce the enterprise”, continuously creates the greatest value space for the broad masses of clients and sticks to high-quality products, favorable prices and excellent services.

Luoxin Group is willing to go forward hand in hand with colleagues in pharmaceutical industry, delivers health and creates the brilliancy together.