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R&D Strategy

The Group adheres to the strategic concept of “science and technology driven development” and implements the product R&D strategy of “looking into the future, focusing on the present and creation-imitation running in parallel”. Based on high-tech products, linked by strict and standardized management and guaranteed by high quality, it actively creates brand products with the tool of science and technology to enhance the reputation of the enterprise which is rewarded with better sales performance. It has also established the strategy of “one-generation production, one-generation reserve, one-generation research” in terms of high-tech products, continuously launches “three-high” products (high-tech, high-quality, high value-added), laying a solid product foundation for sustainable development of the enterprise.

Presently, the Group has over 300 scientific researchers, among which, over 100 are doctors and masters. It actively practices industry-university-research strategy and has built long-term stable cooperative relation with over 30 universities and research institutes nationwide. In this way, new products and technologies are continuously injected into Luoxin to improve the research and development of drugs.