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R&D Platform

Luoxin adheres to the strategic concept of “science and technology driven development” and has established a science & technology innovation system integrating Pharmaceutical Research Institute at headquarter, Shanghai Scientific Research Center and Expert Committee. Based on multiple national technology platforms, Luoxin adds investment in science and technology year by year. Under the leading force of a science and technology team made up of academicians, doctors, returnees and specialists, it steadily marches on the road of industry-university-research cooperation to convert the science and technology into productivity and has successfully developed abundant national new drugs which are released in the market and then delivered to the clients and patients through the marketing system, not only creating larger value space for the clients, but also providing more and better high-tech drugs for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Currently, the Group has obtained approval to establish or has been granted several scientific research platforms which include a state-accredited enterprise technology centre, a state-province joint engineering laboratory, an “Industrial Model Enterprise in the National Integrated Platform for New Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Technology (Shandong)”, a “National Post-Doctoral Research Workshop”, a “Key High-Tech Enterprise under the China Torch Plan”, a “Model Engineering Technology Research Centre of Shandong Province”, a “Shandong Key Lyophilized Powder Injection Pharmaceutical Laboratory”, a “Shandong Lyophilized Powder Injection Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory”, a “Taishan Scholar – Pharmaceutical Expert Consultant” and an “Enterprise Academician Workstation of Shandong Province”. Together they form a stronger platform for talent accumulation, R&D and technology advancement, and in turn further strengthen the R&D capabilities and overall competitiveness of the Group.