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Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Enterprise Culture

I. Logo


Luoxin logo adopts red and green colors: 1. The lower part is regular green lines, embodying that the cohesion of Luoxiners and the belief of science and technology driven development jointly forge and support a brilliant enterprise. 2. The upper part is a sparkling star which shines the humankind with the light of health.

The entire logo implies the best wishes of Luoxiners for deliverying health.

II. Enterprise spirit culture:

(I) Luoxin Spirit:

Hardworking for career launching; integrity-based operation; pioneering and innovative; strict obedience to the disciplines

(II) Operation philosophy:

1. Be honest and abide by the laws.

2. Attract and cultivate the best talents for the enterprise; provide the largest value space for clients.

(III) Professional ethics of Luoxiners

1. Work—dedicated

2. Company—loyal

3. Individual—cultivating virtues

(IV) Enterprise philosophy:

Luoxin Pharmaceuticals and deliver health.

(V) Luoxin development doctrines:

Awareness of crisis, innovation and development

(VI) Luoxin values:

1. Reward employees: provide the employees with larger development space and richer rewards.

2. Reward clients: create the desired maximum value space for clients.

3. Reward shareholders: offer the optimal return of investment to the shareholders with a stronger and bigger enterprise.

4. Reward society: pay more taxes to the nation; actively participating in public service activities to aid the weak and poor; provide job opportunities; offer more and better high-tech products for treatment and recovery of patients.

5. Consolidate enterprise: forge a better, bigger and stronger Luoxin