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Footprints of Public Service

For a youth of no regrets, Luoxin heads forward with you.

—Luoxin organizes the activity to help the poor college students pursue their dreams

To respond the municipal government’s call of “targeted poverty alleviation” and “enterprise subsidy for poor college students to grow together”, the company held a grand activity themed with “for a youth of no regrets, Luoxin heads forward with you” to grant subsidy for poor college students in Luoxin Hall on February 9. The granting ceremony was hosted by Mr. Han Fengsheng, the Deputy General Manager of the Group, where a speech was delivered by Ms. Li Mingjie, the Deputy General Manager of the Group, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Yuxin Group.

In this activity,  30 poor college students in Linyi received donations. The student representative made a speech, who expressed that they will cherish the precious opportunity for learning, study hard to master new skills and capabilities, and transform their gratitude to the fuel for study and pursuit of life.

The company adheres to the principle of “rewarding employees, clients, shareholders and society; solidifying the enterprise”, consciously shoulders the social responsibilities, actively participates in various public welfare programs, and organizes  public welfare activities such as caring for disadvantaged groups, donating for education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, thus making significant contributions to the development of society. Meanwhile, it calls on more enterprises and individuals to participate in the education donation activities. By its efforts, a good atmosphere of gratitude is gradually formed in the society, where the spirit of selfless contribution, love and mutual help is further promoted, making contribution to the fulfillment of “Chinese Dream”. 


Subsidy Granting Ceremony


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